The Seismic Mobile App allows users to save time shopping by taking the guesswork out of garment sizes.


The client was looking to design a mobile app aimed at shoppers. All clothing stores have minor variance in sizes when compared to one another. This app allows shoppers to get the correct garment size at any partnering store based on the shoppers’ measurements.

Project Requirements

  • Design an app that allows shoppers to see their correct clothing sizes in a given store
  • The app must allow for the storage of multiple measurement profiles
  • Allow the shopper to give feedback on recommended clothing sizes

The Solution

First, we wrote up several drafts of requirements and user stories to figure out what features would be most useful for our target audience. Based on the information we gathered, we then created wireframes to figure out the best flow of functionality, features, and information. The final designs allow the user to easily select the store they’re in to get more accurate sizing recommendations; browse the different clothing categories (either from a swiped graphical menu or a drop-down list) to see suggested sizes; and submit a picture and a quick text review of the garment’s fit to help fine-tune their sizing recommendations.

My Role

UX Designer
UI Designer

Link to demo

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