The Ronin Revenue Mobile App lets users work on-the-go by allowing them to manage their campaigns on their mobile device.


At Ronin Revenue, we decided to take our desktop experience mobile for our Affiliate and Publisher clients. We streamlined the desktop experience, bringing forward all the important data that our customers use without sacrificing easy of use.

Project Requirements

  • Create an app that offered the most important functionality of the desktop site to users.

The Solution

We started by doing a preliminary site audit, writing several user stories to help determine which key features needed to be kept for the mobile experience. From those user stories we were able to determine the most important data points that clients would need and designed wireframes to test those assumptions. After the wireframes were tested we made adjustments for the final, tighter comps, and prepped art assets and code for production.

My Role

UX Designer

UI Designer

Link to wireframes demo

Link to final demo

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