The Ronin Revenue Affiliate Portal allows its users to make more money by letting them easily manage their affiliate marketing activities with the company.


Ronin Revenue had a need for an internal dashboard/CMS for their affiliates and publishers to use. The dashboard/CMS needed to allow its affiliates and publishers the ability to easily interpret large volumes of sales data in a quick, easy, and intuitive fashion.

Project Requirements

  • Create a new company logo for branding and marketing purposes
  • Create an engaging visual design that will inspire users to order the product
  • Design a layout that would guide people through the purchasing process in a quick and simple manner
  • Program a non-responsive HTML framework that worked well across all popular web browsers

The Solution

Using the company’s collective past experience with Affiliate Marketing companies and their needs, we crafted a dashboard/CMS that was tailor-fit for the types of affiliates and publishers that Ronin Revenue was catering to. We iterated through several rounds of design revisions to make sure we addressed all functional requirements, and then did a staggered production cycle of front-end coding and back-end database joining. Additional internal QA testing helped to refine the finished product.

My Role

Designer and Front-End Programmer

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