The Hydra website redesign allowed the company to refresh its branding and marketing position in its industry and created a clean, user-friendly experience for visitors.


Hydra, a former affiliate marketing company, needed to refresh the look and functionality of its website. The new site design had to present information to prospective affiliates and publishers in a clear, concise fashion, and compel them to sign up with Hydra.

Project Requirements

  • Create an engaging visual design that will inspire users to sign up with the company
  • Design a layout that was simple and clean-looking with a modern aesthetic
  • Program a non-responsive HTML framework that worked well across all popular web browsers

The Solution

Our design team arrived at a visual solution that was bold, type-driven, and focused on the messaging as the key content. We paired that with bold imagery which metaphorically captured the essence of each section and acted as a visual cue for users so they knew what section they were in.

My Role

Designer, Front-End Programmer, and Copywriter

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