The Continuing Education Funnel allows users to instantly connect with schools and begin the next phase of their life.


Ronin Revenue needed to develop a product that allowed users to apply for continuing education and speak instantly with a school representative to complete the application process. This product would allow Ronin Revenue to partner with continuing education businesses and drive quality traffic to Ronin’s education partners.

Project Requirements

  • Create an engaging visual design that will inspire users to fill out the form and contact the school
  • Design a layout that would guide people through the sign-up process in a quick and simple manner
  • Program a responsive HTML framework that worked well across all popular web browsers as well as tablets and mobile devices

The Solution

In order to develop this product Ronin Revenue worked with several technology partners to create the functionality of instantly connecting web users with live-on-the-phone school representatives. After working out the process flow and several rounds of wireframing, we were able to flesh out a visual design that was modern, process-centric, and flexible both in terms of what devices view it (desktop; tablet; mobile) and in terms of what data is served to the user. The entire process is dynamic and interfaces (via AJAX) with both Ronin’s databases as well as the call centers.

My Role

Designer and Front-End Programmer

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