Adknowledge CPC (Cost-Per-Click) emails produced favorable clickthrough rates and generated income for the company.


Adknowledge was running Cost-Per-Click email campaigns for a large number of categories and needed a templatized image-based email that would display uniformly across all email platforms.

Project Requirements

  • Create an engaging visual design that would inspire email recipients to click the email to learn more
  • Design a layout that could be templatized and applied to many different categories

The Solution

Based on competitive research and past email metrics we decided on a layout that had a central image which supported emotional, action-driven copy to compel the recipient to click on the email. After several email campaigns were launched and metrics were gathered we standardized the image style and copywriting parameters so we could create the large number of creatives asked for by the Project Manager in a timely fashion.

My Role

Designer and Copywriter

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