The Adknowledge Affiliate Portal allowed Adknowledge's affiliates and publishers to manage their marketing efforts more effectively.


Adknowledge needed an internal dashboard/CMS designed for their affiliate managers, affiliates, and publishers. The dashboard was used to track how well their affiliate marketing efforts were performing and how much money they were making (or losing).

Project Requirements

  • Create an engaging visual design that was clean and data-centric
  • Design a layout that focused on easily interpreting large volumes of data
  • Program a non-responsive HTML framework that worked well across all popular web browsers

The Solution

We polled the company’s affiliate managers, affiliates, and publishers about what features mattered the most to them and what functionality would make them more effective at managing campaigns. After several rounds of designs and revisions involving upper management and our team, we worked on building out each section in a staggered production line of sorts; while front-end design and development was being done on the next section, back-end programmers would simultaneously tie in the front-end to the back-end databases.

My Role

Designer and Front-End Programmer

Link to a selection of full-sized screenshots of the Affiliate Portal

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